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Doug and Linda Wenzel and Team

Popcorn for Jesus Trailer
MACV Military Stand Down - St. Cloud, Minnesota
MACV Military Stand Down - St. Cloud, Minnesota

MACV Military Stand Down - St. Cloud, Minnesota
MACV Military Stand Down - St. Cloud, Minnesota


Our Story


We have been married for thirty-three years. We have accepted what Christ has done for us on the cross for the redemption of our sins and have a desire and willingness to tell others about God’s indescribable gift to mankind.

“Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift.”
II Corinthians 9:15.

Our home base is West Concord, Minnesota, where we attend Faith Community Baptist Church. We are involved in Children’s Ministries and AWANA.


We are able to compliment any event that brings souls in for the Harvest. With a bag of popcorn and a tract, with the salvation message, attached to it, we can hand out popcorn to everyone. The smell and taste are alluring. It reminds me of the Yogi the Bear cartoon show when Yogi and Booboo would be honed in on the smell of the pick-n-nick basket.

“For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.” II Corinthians 2:15.

Since 2007, we have given out over 18,000 bags of popcorn with the gospel message attached to it. We have also added Bibles and books to our table.


When popcorn was made for over eighty AWANA kids, it was popped in the microwave. What a mess, a lot burnt. The next time it was popped in an air pop popcorn popper. Well that took 4 ½ hours, not again. Finally, a 4 oz. popcorn maker on cartwheels was used. Now we’re popping, 1 hour of work!

We were asked to be on a mission’s trip to Standing Rock Indian Reservation, McLaughlin, South Dakota. Mr. Tepley, Mission’s US and Canada heard about the popcorn machine and making popcorn for the AWANA kids. He suggested we bring our popcorn machine and staple a tract to a bag of popcorn as a way of giving out the tract, Three Truths Every Native American Should Know. We did about 350 bags of popcorn. What a great way to hand out tracts. Not only were they accepting, they actually read them, I never seen that before. Even more amazing, I never saw a tract on the ground.

Let’s give out the salvation message again using popcorn. Let’s even look professional. You know . . . apron, hats, uniforms, carrying buckets. Oh yah, how about a 14 oz popcorn machine? By the way, Lord, what would you have us do?

We had no idea that God would be taking us down this path. So we asked God, “Is this really what you want us to do on these mission trips?” After this prayer, we received our first confirmation; a pastor called and wanted to know if we needed some popcorn. We said, “Yes!” We had no idea it was going to be 750 pounds. All we could say is, “Lord, are you kidding me, 750 lbs.? Then three days later, 12,000 tracts showed up at our door from someone we didn’t know who lived in Pennsylvania. All we could say again is, “Are you kidding us, Lord, 12,000 tracts?” Now this is too much to absorb, so we asked for one more sign to make sure this is what God wanted us to do, even though it was pretty obvious.

Our final confirmation came when we were out at the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. Another ministry team member, from a church in Bemidji, invited us to bring our popcorn ministry to the Red Lake Reservation.Popcorn for Jesus


Nursing Homes with Gentle Shepherd Ministries
MACV Military Stand Downs
Awana Grand Prix' throughout Minnesota
Fulfilling Life Ministries in Michigan


The special popcorn ministry of Doug & Linda Wenzel has popped up in our church. It has been fun to see them grow with the new ministry opportunities which God has brought them.

They are a blessing to our church in many ways and their popcorn ministry can reinforce the message of Christ in a tasteful way. I highly recommend them.

Rev. David Breederland,
Faith Community Church; West Concord, MN

Life Ministries, Holland, Michigan

Fulfilling Life Ministries; Holland, Michigan
Summer Picnic for Disabled Individuals    

After the Power Team broke all their bricks, they gave their testimony and
48 children and adults came up and gave their heart to the Lord.
 After this, there was a bee-line to our Bible table.  
What a joy it was to see.

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